July 25, 2024

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Advantages of Mobile ERP Solutions

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ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle are undeniably more accessible on mobile devices than conventional software. But despite the convenience of a dedicated mobile application, a poorly designed solution can lead to poor business performance. Before you start designing and building a mobile version of your ERP, there are several things you should consider.

One way to identify some of these issues is to determine how your organization can most effectively take advantage of a mobile ERP solution. Here are the advantages of a mobile ERP:

Optimizing Business Processes

According to the World Bank, 20% of worker productivity is due to a company’s ability to effectively manage its operations. Many companies find themselves in a situation where they must operate in ways that don’t suit their business model. For example, they may have far-flung operations that require transaction managers in different offices or locations. Mobile netsuite erp pricing provides them with a flexible way to solve these problems by removing the burdens of traditional desktop software and providing remote access.

Improving Workflow

Mobile ERP solutions allow workers in the field to access information on sales, inventory, vendors, and other key business data. The result? They can complete sales orders faster and identify any issues that would prevent a sale from going through. By increasing workflow efficiency and eliminating conflicting data, companies can also improve their cash flow.

Reducing Costs

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Through automation and eliminating redundant workflows, mobile ERP solutions can help businesses realize savings of up to 40% on their IT budgets. But these benefits don’t come without a cost. In fact, mobile solutions can be very costly to set up and maintain. For example, the average cost of a mobile application is approximately $5,000.

Improving Security

Due to the nature of their use, mobile devices are more accessible to hackers. To avoid this risk, companies need multi-layered security systems that also offer remote access and data encryption solutions. These security features will help protect against attacks that can destroy company data or compromise confidential information.

Improving Availability

It’s one thing for business to be available when employees are at work. It’s another thing entirely for them to be available when they’re not. By cutting down on downtime, the plethora of day-to-day tasks becomes less time consuming and more efficient.